Coming soon - the NEW Harry Heron adventure ...

After quite a haul the second book in the Harry Heron series is to be released on Kindle on March 17th, appropriately on St Patrick's Day. Harry Heron; Into the Unknown picks up the story of Harry, Ferghal and Danny where Harry Heron; Midshipman's Journey left off. Now the trio face an enormous challenge. They must learn almost everything from scratch, and adjust to a new age, new social conventions and a new type of ship, service and fleet. And they must do it all while being hunted by unscrupulous humans in the midst of a new type of war. In Harry's own words - they must either learn and adapt, or forever be condemned to being curiosities to be studied and examined at the mercy of others.

When I first wrote this story, all of eleven years ago, I was new to fiction and had a lot to learn. Now, after several revisions, two complete restructures, and a lot of changes, it is almost unrecognisable - apart from the storyline - from that first draft. It is quite exciting to see the transformation from my side, and I hope those who read it will enjoy it as much, if not more, than they enjoyed Harry in his first appearance on a voyage to the Far East and Australia in the first book.

Published by IndieGo Publishing, it has benefitted from the editing delivered by Janet Angelo, who has done a fullscale 'development' edit starting from the original manuscript. The result speaks for itself.

Available on Kindle from March 17th.

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