A nice compliment

Yesterday I got one of those out of the blue compliments that make all the effort of writing creatvely, researching backgrounds, and so on, worthwhile. It came from a member of the writing group I belong to. We read each other's work in rough, comment and edit, make corrections and suggest improvements. Some of the members are really excellent writers in their own right and the compliment came from one of them.

She wrote of my latest "Harry Heron Adventure" - 

Patrick, you have to be the most conscientious writer ever. You have conceived this world in such vivid detail and make it all sound so totally authentic. Your imagination astounds me. I so look forward to the next book. 

Another thing I love about your writing is that while you have researched and created such a credible science and history for this world, you also have given us great characters like Harry, whom I truly care about :-) You really ought to be proud of this achievement.

Now, if only I can find an agent or publisher who feels this strongly, I think I'll be the happy author of the year! The MS is tentatively titled "The Outer Edge: A Harry Heron Adventure" and if any reader here is an agent (or a publisher!) and would like to see it, please drop me an email ...

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