A Baltic Affair and other projects ...

The editor is doing a final overhaul of my new book, A Baltic Affair, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it produces. I'm advised there are no 'story changes' just 'technical adjustments' for the most part. If, at the end of this process, we are both happy with the outcome the book will go into print as a paperback and as an eBook to be sold on Kindle, iPod, B&N's Nook and several others I've not heard of.

ePublishing is definitely taking off. Most of the sales I'm recording on my Harry Heron series are for the e-versions and that is encouraging. I'm still wrestling with creating movie/television film outlines for the four Harry Heron books and the project I have on hand for the writing of a history of my former place of employment is also taking shape. The juggling continues, at this rate I should be able to take the stage as a juggler any day now! 

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