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Harry Heron; Midshipman's Journey - Kindle, eFormats and Paperback Book

In the vein of Horatio Hornblower, Patrick Cox weaves an exciting, authentic tale of Henry (Harry) Nelson-Heron, a young midshipman in the British Navy in the early 1800s. Born in 1789 during the Irish Rebellion, Harry must overcome the prejudice against the Irish, the ancient enmity between his family and another, and the usual hazards of an active and inquisitive youth in order to realise his dream of becoming an officer in Britain’s Royal Navy. When he and his faithful friend and companion Ferghal make the treacherous journey to London to find a ship, fate smiles on them. Harry is appointed a midshipman, and Ferghal joins him on the HMS Bellerophon as a seaman. Corsairs, diplomacy, and exploration challenge their skills as the seafaring life takes Harry and Ferghal across the seas and beyond.

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Harry Heron; Into the Unknown - Kindle, Paperback

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Book description:

A freak accident on board the HMS Spartan during a sea battle with the French navy in 1804 catapults Midshipman Harry Heron and his shipmates Ferghal O’Connor and Danny Gunn four hundred years into the future, landing them on the NECS Vanguard, flagship of the World Treaty Organisation Fleet. While Captain Blackwood and Major Heron sort out the mystery and determine whether the young men are alive or dead, Harry and his friends are faced with the challenge of learning new roles aboard a spaceship. Just as they have found their footing, they are called upon to assist the Fleet in a rescue mission on the planet Pangaea, giving them the opportunity to prove that their unique skills from the past are still very relevant in the far distant future. 

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Harry Heron: No Quarter - The Harry Heron Adventures Book 3

Harry Heron and his best friend Ferghal O’Connor are cadets at Fleet College, eager to master their skills in preparation for commissioning to a ship. They’ve barely stepped foot on campus when they realize they’re targeted and sabotaged at every turn, but this doesn’t stop them from exuberant participation in the Sailing Regatta, the Gun Run, and the usual flirtations and hijinks of college life. Meanwhile, the Consortium, supporting the Johnstone Group, does everything in its power to keep them from testifying at an enquiry to expose Johnstone’s questionable research practices that nearly killed Harry in their secret laboratory on the planet Pangaea. No quarter given, none asked, Harry and Ferghal overcome every obstacle with youthful vigor and optimism, intelligence and training, and prove valuable to the Fleet as junior officers of the NECS Leander in the ongoing struggle against the Consortium.

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Harry Heron: Savage Fugitive - Kindle or Paperback

In Harry Heron: Savage Fugitive, Book 4 of the Harry Heron Adventure Series, Harry and Ferghal lead a band of fugitives of the Fleet in a battle against the Consortium on Planet Lycania inhabited by the very canine-like Canids.

There are three things you need to know about Harry Heron and Ferghal O'Connor:

1.) Born in the late 1700s, they catapulted through time and space from the gun deck of the HMS Spartan during a sea fight with the French in 1804 to the starship NECS Vanguard in 2204.

2.) Best friends since their boyhood in Ireland, they're smart, savvy, and fearless, as loyal to each other as they are to the British Royal Navy and the North European Confederation Fleet.

3.) A juggernaut of wits, wit, and boundless energy, they show the twenty-third century how it's done when it comes to outwitting the Consortium, navigating any type of ship, and harnessing artificial intelligence to their keen advantage. and all other Amazon websites.

Magnus Patricius: The remarkable Life of St Patrick, the Man - eBook, Paperback and Hard Cover

Magnus Patricius: The Remarkable Life of

St Patrick, the Man 

St Patrick is the most well-known saint in the world, but who was St Patrick, the man? Magnus Sucatus Patricius was born to a wealthy family of minor Romano-British nobility. Captured by the Scotti (the Irish) when he was sixteen, he endured six years of slavery before making his way to home and freedom. He eventually returned to minister to the people who had enslaved him. This young man of nobility and property foreswore everything—life, birthright, comfort, and home—to serve God. There were several attempts on his life and on his person, but he survived them all. Thanks to his writing, his is the one authentic voice we have from fifth-century Britain. Open the pages of Magnus Patricius: The Remarkable Life of St Patrick, the Man, and walk in his humble footsteps through slavery, freedom, marriage and fatherhood, and a ministry built on the practical expression of Christian faith and love.

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Limehouse Boys - eBook or Paperback

The East End of London in the early 1830s provides the background to this thrilling tale of hardship, criminal activity, determination and courage.

When young Ned Farrier is committed to the Shadwell Workhouse, he is thrust into a regime of harsh punishment and corruption orchestrated by the local Beadle, who has spent years enriching himself at the expense of widows and orphans, making several enemies in the process. Beadle Hewlett has earmarked Ned and his friends George and Ben as prime recruits for his unsavoury trade, but a daring plan triggers a chain of events that ultimately leads to their finding a new life on the sailing barges that ply the Thames Estuary. Meanwhile, Mick Howell, Ex-Master’s Mate of the British Royal Navy, is determined to avenge his brother’s suffering at the hands of the Beadle’s partners in crime. Mick and his friends join forces with the Reverend Mr Short, Rector of St Anne’s Limehouse, to bring the Beadle and his cohorts to justice and to help his victims build new lives. 

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A Baltic Affair - Paperback and eBook - Paperback Book

Captain Petroc Gray, commander of the ship-rigged sloop of war, HMS Kestrel, 22 guns, finds himself drawn into diplomacy, intrigue and espionage when he rescues the Freiherr von Dieffenbach and his family off the island of Rügen in the Baltic. The Freiherr proves to be an important and valuable connection in the struggle to beat the Napoleonic Continental blockade of British trade, and Petroc finds romance in the person of the Freiherr's daughter ...

But the shifting sands and changing moods of the Baltic and the North Sea coast are the least of the couple's problems as they navigate their way through the changing political alliances of the Northern European and Scandinavian states. Petroc must deal with his own family problems while taking care of his ship's company, the Freiherr's 'connections' and his Admiral's orders.

War, sea battles, storms, death and Napoleon's 'hundred days' leading to the defeat at Waterloo all conspire to frustrate Petroc's intention to seek Silke's hand in marriage right to the last ...

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A Guide to Fire Investigation

The purpose of this guide is to provide a concise volume for the fire investigator which addresses some of the principle facets of the investigative process. It will attempt to provide a simple explanation of some of the science necessary to interpreting the evidence of fire behaviour and movement. This book is not meant to be an alternative to Kirk's Fire Investigation, or to Principles of Fire Investigation, but to fill a gap that exists for a quick reference in the field which can then be supported or expanded if need be by reference to one of the many far more scientific books available

Purchase direct from the Institution of Fire Engineers. Price £35.00

Marine Fire Studies - Hardback Text Book for Fire Professionals

This book includes chapters on safety at sea, legal implications, fire fighting installations and equipment and general requirements for fire protection, basic principles of ship design, ship types, fire fighting ships and fire boats, fire fighting in ships and planning for incidents, boarding ships and transfer of equipment, ports, docks and harbours, naval vessels and auxiliaries. The author offers a comprehensive view of the wider subject matter in relation to fire aboard ships.

Fire Service Leader's Pocket Book

A pocket guide to the many aspects of managing a variety of incidents for which the fire and rescue services have a lead role or in which they will play a major part alongside other agencies, it includes useful information on fire chemistry, incident command, personnel management and much more.

This book is dedicated to the many firefighters and fire officers who helped me develop my own skills and knowledge.  Also to the many men and women not in the Fire Service who had a hand in shaping my ideas by their example, by sharing their knowledge and shaping my thoughts.  They are too many to mention by name. 

Author: Patrick G Cox FIFireE BSc MA

Available from the Institution of Fire Engineers