Patrick G Cox

Villa Mallorca - Kindle

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The trouble started at Fran’s wedding in London.

Demi Hutton, a non-believer in the stupid notion of true love, just so happens to be one of her cousin’s bridesmaids. And Alex Kyriakis just happens to be one of the groomsmen.

One night of insanity sees Demi pregnant, ostracised by her family and estranged from her fiancé.

Could things get worse for this girl?

After two years of being a single mom, can her flight to Mallorca and her dear Aunt Maggie, solve her problems? The only way to escape the clutches of the two men who are making her life a living hell is while her father and fiancé are out of the country on business.

Demi takes the plunge and lands in Mallorca with new hopes.

Only to find:

Villa Mallorca which her aunt runs so efficiently belongs to none other than the Alex she jumped into bed with at Fran’s wedding.

And he has colossal questions which he wants answered.

Demi’s head spins as she tries to decide what is best for her and her toddler son, Danny.

Should she tell Alex he is her child’s father? The man professes to be sterile.

Was she prepared to buckle down and listen to all his demands, or was he just a spoilt rich playboy.

Just when the path seems to run along a straight line Demi’s father has a bad stroke. She flies home to Johannesburg to take over the running of the family business. Not only is it blighted by fraud but on the brink of bankruptcy.

Can Demi save the day and at what expense?

What will Alex do this time? Find her, or write her off as a lost cause?