Patrick G Cox

Thorns in the Bush - Kindle Edition

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A dysfunctional family!

Oh, yeah - Jess Latimer comes from one.

Her problem is she has to take the highest paying job to support her gambling, alcoholic father, and a spoilt drug addicted brother. Latty Latimer, her Granddad, has given up on these two reprobates.

Jess’s Mother absconded to Australia with another man.

So, Jess Latimer is left to cope on her own.

A day from hell on the road to Mashashe Game Reserve makes Jess less than congenial. In fact, she is downright pissed off when her old Land Rover, Daisy, packs up on her. Running into her control-freak childhood fancy, shoots her blood right out of her ears.

What the hell is Jake Scott doing in these necks of the woods?

Heck, what was she thinking about, taking this job in the back of beyond?

Yet, tenacious Jess Latimer accepts the prestigious veterinary job on Mashashe. She realises she is not wanted by a bunch of male chauvinists, and is unaware her boss is Jake Scott. To top it all, Jake’s confrontational sister, Lily, is out to terrorise Jess in the hopes she’ll run.

The only man on her side is Chet Irvine, an old friend of Jake’s. The green head of jealousy soon plagues Jake who sees Chet as a threat.

Jess, in spite of wanting to throw in the towel, can’t afford to stand around and let the males and females on Mashashe Game Reserve drive her away. She has a job to do, animals to care for, and a dysfunctional family to worry about.

The impossible task of winning Jake Scott’s trust is of paramount importance. She still loves the oaf! Then she has to earn the comradeship of every staff member on Mashashe.

As if she needs Robert Hebden’s friendship!

Prestigious Mashashe Game Reserve, in tropical Africa, in a remote corner of Botswana, can’t defeat Jess.

She won’t let it get to her.