Patrick G Cox

Very Encouraging

A very nice response to the release of Harry Heron: Savage Fugitive!

Sales in the week since it was released have been very good, and best of all, I am starting to see revived sales in the earlier books thanks to readers who have enjoyed this one and gone looking for the others. As an author it is a really good feeling to know that people are reading and enjoying your books. For those that haven't encountered the Harry Heron series, they are:

Harry Heron: Midshipman's Journey. Harry and Ferghal embark on a voyage to the Far East and a future unimaginable ...

Harry Heron: Into the Unknown. Catapulted into a new age, and a new kind of ship, Harry Ferghal and the Powder Monkey Danny must find their feet quickly ...

Harry Heron: No Quarter. The Fleet College is a centre of learning and, it seems, some nasty intrigue ...

I hope you will enjoy them all. Work proceeds on the next two books in the series, with the Fifth, Harry Heron: Awakening Threat, making an appearance early in 2019.

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