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New Year Resolution

Now that 2015 is gone, I find myself in 2016 with several projects and one New Year resolution. The resolution is a simple one. Make sure I blog regularly! The projects are coming along nicely, largely because they have some deadlines, and the whizzing sound of their approach is keeping me on my toes! The first of these is the total revision -- perhaps rewrite -- of Out of Time. It is now in the final stages of preparation for publication and I have to admit that it is vastly different to my original.

Positive Reviews

The days seem to scream past at the moment, with frantic efforts to keep up my writing, and do some marketting as well. It is therefore a very pleasant surprise to get a good review from a site that specialises in naval fiction. Historical Naval Fiction has just posted a review of Harry Heron; Midshipman's Journey which is very flattering indeed.

Getting your book noticed

It is nice to see your book getting promoted on various websites. I follow New Book Journal, a site where authors and publishers can announce new books, has now listed Limehouse Boys. As the site enjoys a very high 'traffic' rate, this serves a great purpose for those listed there as the 'hit' rate increases when you are listed on a high traffic site. 

Working with an editor

Working with my editor, Janet Angelo of IndieGo Publishing, has been quite an experience, especially on my latest book. Her experience of the publishing industry has been invaluable in shaping both the book and the writing. An author often stands so close to the story that you literally can't see the gaps and the inconsistencies even after multiple overhauls.

Limehouse Boys

My latest, Limehouse Boys, will be available from the 31st July. It can already be pre-ordered on Kindle from Amazon, and will soon be available in paperback as well from all the usual outlets. As I've remarked in previous posts leading up to this, it has been a fascinating journey. The research into the life of the working men and women of the 1830s in London,

Almost There ...

There is always a moment of excitement mixed with anxiety as your latest book finally leaves your hands and goes to print. My latest, Limehouse Boys, has just gone into that final phase. Set in the early 1830s, it is inspired by several things, among them the many children on whom Britain's industries, mines and wealth were built.

Changes to my catalogue ...

The work to bring my latest story, Limehouse Boys, into publication has taken longer than any of us anticipated, but it will be worth the wait. The publisher identified several problems with the story structure which it has taken a little while to fix, but we are now almost there. The work we have done together in bringing this book, and the Harry Heron; Midshipman's Journey and The Outer Edge out has made me take a long, hard and very critical look at my earlier books, and that has meant taking a very, very tough decision about them. 

A New 'Historic' Story

My latest book is another historical setting, to be released under the title 'Limehouse Boys'. It is set in the 1830s in the east end of London, and revolves round three orphan boys placed in an orphange attached to a Workhouse. Through the action of corrupt officials, criminal gangs and those who profited on the side, the trio are destined to be swept up in prostitution and abuse ...


Paying Dividends

It seems that the decision to completely restructure and rewrite the original story that has become Harry Heron; Midshipman's Journey, is paying dividends. It proves to me, if proof was needed, that having a competent editor on board, one who understands publishing and what readers like, is an essential aid to successful writing. Sales have taken off in the two months since it was published, and I'm delighted. Obviously, having invested a lot of time in the book, it is a fantastic boost to know it is a genre and a story readers are enjoying.


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