Patrick G Cox

Exciting News ...

Their Lordships Request and Out of Time will soon be available as eBooks from a publisher who specialises in eBook publication. It also means that anyone with a Kindle, iPad, iPod or any of the other eBook reader devices will be able to purchase them direct and download to their reader.

I've been exploring this for some time and hope this will be successful. Obviously getting the word out and promoting them will be an essential task, but hopefully a fun one.

More good news is that Abbot Press, a Division of Writer's Digest, want to publish the fourth 'Harry Heron' story, On the Run. I'm currently discussing this with them and look forward to being able to make an announcement about it in the not too distant future.

Editorial Services

A writer needs an editor. Some would add "like a hole in the head" but I don't. I know all to well that I make typos, that I sometimes create run on sentences and get so involved in the story that I risk boring my reader. So a critical editorial review is essential. They don't come cheap either, but it's worth it. I can say it has improved my writing enormously.

So it is a real pleasure when a "blind" reviewer, one who is asked to review the work without seeing any of the early drafts then posts a review like this one - 

"A Baltic Affair" is a credible, finely plotted historical novel that encompasses all possible theories about Napoleon motives and acts. It also provokes readers to challenge historical interpretation in an intelligent, dynamic, and adventurous way. Well-researched and well-written, "The Baltic Affair" is an exciting, surprising, yet sensitive novel that will delight every reader appreciative of excellent historical fiction.

It makes all the effort to tweak, edit, cut, rewrite and, perhaps most importantly, the research, worthwhile.

Busy times ...

Since I set up this site, things have got busy, most of it in a very positive manner. Two of my Harry Heron titles are currently being considered for publication as e-books by a publisher selling books to Kindle, Apple and others. Another is being considered by a publisher and all of them are soon to be offered for sale through an online bookstore besides Amazon and the usual outlets.

A friend and computer code expert is also tweaking parts of this site to make t look even better and hopefully spice it up a bit.

I hope readers will watch this space as things develop.

Coming together

I'm slowly getting things together here and building in links. There are one or two features I haven't quite sassed out how to get them to function yet, but it is getting there - I just hope it all works for you - the reader.


It seems appropriate to launch this site on this particular day. I certainly hope that the visitors - of whom I hope there will be many! - will not face the same hardships suffered by our fathers as they scrambled ashore in 1944.

In launching this site I am taking something of a gamble. For a number of years now I have been engaged in writing, primarily technical material for classes, for my profession and for magazines. A few years ago I began to explore the writing of fiction. I can say that in the years since then I have learned a great deal about writing - and probably even more about publishing.

I hope that those who venture through this blog and this website will find something interesting, perhaps entertaining - and maybe even sample my fiction!

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