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Great Review of Their Lordships Request ...

I am very pleased to be able to say that I am flattered by a very good review of Their Lordships Request ... which has appeared on the website The Fyddeye Guide. The author, Joe Follansbee, is a noted naval historian specialising in American Maritime history. His comments regarding the historic seafaring aspects of the book are a compliment indeed.

The full review can be seen by following the link to the website above. Two exerpts I find particularly encouraging -

ON the RUN now in the online sellers ...

I have to say that Abbott Press have certainly not wasted any time in getting ON the RUN onto all the online sellers lists. Having done a trawl around I find it is now listed in all its formats on the Amazon sites, Barnes and Noble and their own online store. I've just finished building the links to all the sellers sites in my suppliers pages here so now readers can find it quickly and easily by "clicking the link" of their choice.

Abbott have produced a good looking book

ON THE RUN released ...

The latest Harry Heron adventure is now available. Published by Abbott Press it was released for sale yesterday and will be on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others soon. What's it about?

Take three young men from a ship-of-the-line in 1804, thrust them four hundred years into the future, give them some high-tech implants and a dash of illegal gene splicing, and you have a trio with a different approach than that of their new friends and companions.

Book Trailers ...

I had not, until recently, come across a 'Book Trailer.' 'Trailers' for movies, DVDs and even concerts, but not books. But then a friend asked my opinion on a trailer for his book. It was impressive, so I enquired where I could explore this for my own.

I've now had the opportunity to review the first two produced by the company and I have to say that I found both grabbed my attention and made me think I really needed to read them myself ...

Almost in print at last ...

The final Galley checks have been made on On the Run - a Harry Heron adventure, and now it is a case of waiting for the printer to start production. In the meantime I am waiting to publish a "trailer" to the book currently being produced by Apex Reviews.

The book has been copy edited, line edited,

Publisher's Assessment for film or TV conversion

Xlibris, publisher of The Enemy is Within! have forwarded an assessment by a professional script writer of the story as a potential script or scripts for film or television. I have to say it is very encouraging, even though there are a number of suggestions for improving elements. It is encouraging to see that this, the second of my novels to be written, comes out so well in this assessment. The suggestions regarding the development of the characters, has already been done. In On the Run, Harry is expanded by playing up some of his faults and his companions and friends have been filled out a bit as well. 

Another step forward ...

The publisher has sent the Galley Proofs for "On the Run; A Harry Heron Adventure" and I have sent these on to my editor. As ever, the deadlines are tight, especially if I want to get the book out in time for Christmas.

I'm intrigued by the pricing though. Abbott have come up with prices of US$22.95 for the paper back, US$37.95 for the Hard Back and US$3.95 for the e-book versions.

Cover Proofs ...

The cover proofs for On the Run; A Harry Heron Adventure, have been delivered. Now I need to sit down and consider them carefully, particularly the excerpts and blurbs, to make sure they are not only looking good, but "marketing" oriented as well. First glance suggests they are good, and closer scrutiny confirms it.

Revising a manuscript ...

At present I am revising a manuscript for a story very dear to my heart - one that I did a huge amount of research for and spent a long time writing. It isn't easy to revise, since the subject spent large amounts of time alone, or cut off from those around him for reasons of language, status and age. He wasn't an easy man to find either, he is now so hidden behind legends, fairy tales and mythology that you have to dig deep and wide to find the truth. What emerges is a man far more interesting than any legend about him can ever be.

So who is he?

Book Review: Young Nelsons

I acquired a copy of this excellent book from the Royal Navy Museum shop in Portsmouth. Written by D A B Ronald and published by Osprey, the book is very well put together, and very readable. I have long had a fascination for Naval history, particularly British history and this book is a part of my ongoing search for information and background for my own writing. 

The author has opened a window into a world most modern youngsters would find intolerable, a world of bullying, self discipline and hardship. It was a world of separation from friends and family at a very early age and one in which you either learned fast and grew to manhood and responsibility - or perished. Mr Ronald has used the journals, letters and diaries of the Midshipmen who 

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