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Published at last - Magnus Patricius

Today is the day. Magnus Patricius - The remarkable life of St Patrick, the man, has been uploaded to Lightning Source by my publisher, IndieGo Publishing LLC. It should appear on Amazon's site within the next few days, and when it does I will put links to it here. This has been a long, long haul. I began to write this book in 2006. Since then it has had two 'developmental' assessments, and three complete rewrites. I wanted this book to be as good as I could make it, and now it is through the final edits. It has been typeset, the files converted to the print and eBook formats, and it is ready to go.

Publication Dates for Magnus Patricius

My latest book -- Magnus Patricius -- is now scheduled for publication in Hardback and Paperback at the beginning of January 2017. The eBook version will be available on Kindle before Christmas and the feedback from the Beta Readers has been excellent. The story is a fascinating one for many reasons. The central character is one of the best known saints in Christian history, yet I would guess that many know his name, and the legends, but don't know the real man behind it.

Nearing completion: Magnus Patricius

It's been a long haul, but a very worthwhile one I think. The book that has been very close to my heart for several years now, is almost ready to go to the Beta Readers, and then, once the final edits and formatting are done, will go to publication. The Publisher has decided to bring out a Hardback edition as well as Paperback and Kindle and I will confess, I am delighted. The book is based on the life of St Patrick. In fact I have used his Confessio or Declaration as the outline and crafted the story around that.

An Interview with an artist

Kura Carpenter, the artist who has done the art work and design for several of my book covers, recently invited me to be interviewed for a piece on her blog. The interview has been published and can be found on her website - Kura Carpenter - Love Books Blog. It is always fun to be challenged to explain why you came up with a particular plot concept, or why a story developed as it did, and I certainly enjoyed explaining my concept for Harry Heron: Into the Unknown to her.

Artist's cover image for my next book

The editing of my new book, Magnus Patricius, is now in hand, and an artist who has recently done the illustrations for a new children's book has turned my rough sketch of how I envisaged the man we now call St Patrick, into a rather nice image for the cover. I like the typeface, and the 'Celtic' border sets off the picture very well.


I'm delighted. My book based on the life of St Patrick has been accepted by my publisher IndieGo Publishing. It will, I hope, be available in print and as an ebook later this year, but it will, at last, appear in print. To be titled Magnus Patricius, I have based it on his own biographic account contained in his 'Confessio' - one of the two documents we can authenticate as being written by him. Forget the legends, the man hiding behind them is far, far more interesting and, dare I say it, even more remarkable than any legend could possibly make him. 

A New Review on Historical Novel Society's Page

Great Review

One of the best things about using Beta Readers is that you get some straight talking and honest reviews from them which help immensely in fixing some of the holes you may, inadvertently, have left in your story. They will also tell you whether or not the story is interesting and held their interest. The key thing in selecting Beta Readers is to get a wide spread of folk, some of whom would not usually read the genre the story follows. So, when I set out to find a group willing to read and give me feedback on Harry Heron; Into the Unkown, I approached a number of friends I knew did not normally read fiction, or did not read science fiction.

On sale at last ...

It's been an exciting week, and a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Harry Heron; Into the Unknown is on sale on Amazon Kindle. Released on St Patrick's day, it is, I'm delighted to say, already selling steadily.After a lot of soul searching, the publisher and I decided to go with Kindle exclusively, though it does have both Lightning Source and Create Space paperback versions.

Coming soon - the NEW Harry Heron adventure ...

After quite a haul the second book in the Harry Heron series is to be released on Kindle on March 17th, appropriately on St Patrick's Day. Harry Heron; Into the Unknown picks up the story of Harry, Ferghal and Danny where Harry Heron; Midshipman's Journey left off. Now the trio face an enormous challenge. They must learn almost everything from scratch, and adjust to a new age, new social conventions and a new type of ship, service and fleet. And they must do it all while being hunted by unscrupulous humans in the midst of a new type of war. In Harry's own words - they must either learn and adapt, or forever be condemned to being curiosities to be studied and examined at the mercy of others.

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