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Juggling ...

This year seems to be racing for me. It is one of those years, when a lot of things have come together and need attention, so the things I enjoy doing, like sitting at my keyboard and writing, have suffered. This blog is one victim! Current tasks in hand include going over the edits for Harry Heron: Savage Fugitive, Book 4 in the Harry Heron series, which is now on track for publication end of June, early July. Thankfully it has not been a victim of the small disaster (I think every author's nightmare ...) of a laptop that refused to complete it's boot process for the last week. Thankfully, everything on it is regularly backed up, plus important files are stored on my "cloud" unit at home. However, it seems, thanks to a helpful chappie in Portugal on the helpline, it looks as if the laptop may be fully recovered in the next couple of hours. 

I'm very pleased with the progress of Harry Heron:Savage Fugitive. My editor has found a few places to improve and some areas where the story needed tightening upon, and the new bits are, if I say so ma´myself, an improvement. I certainly hoe that readers will agree with me! The next phase once all the edits have been agreed and the internal design sorted, is to send the book to some "Beta Readers" who will, I hope, spot any inconsistencies or any flaws the editor and proof reader may have overlooked. Then it is publishing time.

A cover has yet to be designed, but this is generally one of the final stages. So far we have an image which looks suitable and will make a good cover, but first, the book needs to be polished. So, back to going through the edits ...

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